Sabine Matharu designs brand new series of Acceleration Programmes for high-vibe female entrepreneurs

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Sabine Matharu designs brand new series of Acceleration Programmes for high-vibe female entrepreneurs

August 07
06:08 2021
Reach For Greatness is a world class platform for female entrepreneurs to start and grow a profitable online business. A range of coaches are providing mentorship, coaching and done for you services to help women with high end offers to build 6 and 7 figure businesses.

The best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, Sabine Matharu, has always wanted to create a passion and lifestyle business around her kids working from home, leveraging the online world. Her frustrations were at an all-time high when she worked with a sea of coaches who provided empty promises and no impactful solutions for female entrepreneurs! This prompted her to disrupt the industry! She decided to turn things on its head and created a brand-new series of exclusive short burst – easy-to-implement Acceleration Programmes. These are designed to bust through major obstacles that women face when building or growing a business and is said to provide almost guaranteed success rates for high-vibe female entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work and are ready to take their business to 6 and 7 figure years.

The Austrian born mum of 2 already knew what it was like to take risks and start things from scratch: She had humble beginnings when she moved to the UK after university with no money nor a job, having to accept any junior role that came her way to be able to pay the bills for the first months. “I lived from month to month with huge uncertainty but asking my parents for money was never an option,” she explains.

Early on she had shown courage and was prepared to do what it takes to make things work – and they always did as she believed in destiny. She always stayed  true to herself and ensured to bring her authentic-self and her unique voice to work. In these years, everything she touched turned into gold – from finding a supportive and good-looking husband to securing several senior leadership roles in management consultancies and large well-known corporates for over 15 years to having 2 wonderful children.

She was travelling most weeks, training and coaching 100s of senior people on different business and leadership aspects. Then when her second child arrived, Sabine decided it was time and that she needed a break, as she wanted to see her children grow up. That is when she made her decision to change her pathway.

Sabine quoted: “I didn’t know where to start, all I knew is I had a valuable skill and wanted to replace my (back then 6 figure) full-time income. At first, I started my freelance consulting career as a Leadership Coach, which was what I had lots of experience in.”

In the process of her business start-up, she found herself in a maze of confusion and information-overload: From initially trying to do it all herself by downloading free e-books, attending webinars to even getting into high-ticket programmes (with well-known celebrity coaches – which she found out later – were highly overrated) got her nowhere for the first year!

This made her re-think her decision and wondered if she was cut out for this industry? As she had always been a determined high achiever, there was no option to turn back now as she had come this far.

In fact, that very frustration fuelled her ambitions, which then unlocked her next – and to date – her most successful business idea!

She continued: “Being already busy but still stuck, I was looking for something simple, easy to digest and actionable. A proven step-by-step roadmap that gives me creative freedom to still be my own authentic brand as opposed to a copycat.”

With that, her unique sets of Masterminds, Memberships and now her brand-new re-formulated shorter ‘Accelerator Experiences’ – were born.

These programmes are aimed at high-vibe female entrepreneurs who want to fast track to 6 and 7 figure years.

“I wanted to serve women like me, who invest financially and mentally in their success. Having high ambitions, a skillset and being on a mission to create a huge impact in the world, are the key ingredients when interviewing applicants who want to work with me,” she declared proudly.

Today she runs several large programmes for corporate and entrepreneurs as well as global collaboration projects. One of which is a series of (soon to be 4) inspirational global best-selling books which include stories of 100 global thought leaders and entrepreneurs. This, coupled with her Online TV show, annual Entrepreneurship and Leadership summits as well as her Speed Networking events, catapulted her reputation and established her as a global ‘Go-Go Expert’ when it comes to Business Growth, Strategy and Visibility.

Sabine believes in providing exponential value and excellence in her work ethics and chooses her clients well. She has already had the privilege to help 100s of high-vibe women accelerate their impact & income beyond their 9-5s.

She admitted that building a business from scratch wasn’t always easy and that it can be overwhelming, frustrating and scary.

When asked whether there were any regrets she exclaimed:

“Sometimes we even work harder and more hours than we would have in a paid job because it is so enjoyable when done right.” Sabine feels it’s so crucial to have a ‘go-getter’ mindset and attitude in the first place, coupled with a good mentor who can support along the way with feedback and adjustments, then the results are worthwhile and rewarding. She confirms that the possibilities and earnings are infinite and cannot be compared to even any top-end paying job.

If you are a woman who wants to get real results in her business, then connect with Sabine Matharu and find out about her Academy and the different programmes she has on offer here:


Email: [email protected]

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