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How Spacer Marketplace Hosts have made over $25 million

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How Spacer Marketplace Hosts have made over $25 million

August 05
15:10 2021
Spacer is a parking sourcing company, originally founded in Australia, connecting property owners with potential tenants at highly approachable prices. Spacer hosts have grossed beyond $25 million, and the company reveals the magic behind such a feat.

According to Value Penguin, 91.3% of households reported having access to at least one vehicle. California is currently the country with the most registered vehicles, with 14,894,912 automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. 

Additionally, according to Stormwater, approximately 5.5% of developed land is covered by parking lots. Even though the US City Parking experts are working tirelessly on providing more space, American citizens are faced with daily challenges finding a spot to park their cars.

Spacer was founded as a solution to a common problem that the vast majority of US drivers are faced with:

“Spacer connects people who have a spare garage or car spot with individuals looking for affordable and convenient monthly parking. Our community is made up of thousands of local hosts who are helping their neighbors access the extra space that they need. You’ll find driveways, garages, and local parking operators on our platform, and you can pick whichever car spot meets your needs. Originally founded, tested, and proven in Australia, we’re hoping to help improve parking across America.”

Spacer’s coverage spans across all American major cities, including San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, and many others.

The brand was met with exceptionally positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers, which consequentially earned it the rating of 4.6/5 stars on Google Reviews. Ted, one of Spacer’s hosts, said the following in his review of the brand’s services:

“I wanted to quickly give my praises to Spacer. I’ve recently moved to a new apartment and we needed to rent out our parking space. I had tried posting it probably three or four times on Craigslist but never got anywhere with some of the people that reached out. I searched on google to find other options and Spacer popped up.  I went through and filled out the form and within probably twenty to thirty minutes I had a tenant looking to rent my space. The process was super easy once Spacer connected the buyer with me and now I couldn’t be happier that we have our space rented. So, thank you very much Spacer!

According to Spacer users, the services that the brand has to offer are immediate, accessible, and above everything else reliable. The immediate connection between parking renters and users backed by precisely designed algorithms yields infallible results while saving the customers up to 50% of the money that would otherwise be spent on regular parking garages. 

The brand’s hosts made over $25 million by having readily available, friendly customer service, a reliable database, and the money-back guarantee that helped potential clients trust the platform. Spacer sends a message that the brand’s customers can make passive income without putting any of their assets at risk.

“Whether you need parking for your daily commute, close to your home, or nearby the airport, with Spacer it’s a breeze to find a parking garage, driveway, or parking lot to suit your needs.”

The fact is that there are more vehicles in America than car storage slots, and the Spacer platform was designed to mitigate some of the effects of a problem that is affecting every driver in the USA. 

Spacer is currently counting over 76,471 members, and the hosts are reported to have made over $25,433,079. More information on Spacer can be found on the brand’s official website.

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