Chaneil Monet Radiates Positive Influence through Authentic Fashion Designs

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Chaneil Monet Radiates Positive Influence through Authentic Fashion Designs

August 02
22:34 2021
A clothing line builds a community with aligned values and passionately speaks for the voiceless.

There are a lot of ways where people can encourage one another to speak for themselves and be courageous enough to pursue their purpose. Some of which include music, coaching, and literature among others. Chaneil Croxton’s way is through inspirational fashion.

Chaneil recently launched a clothing line called Chaneil Monet, LLC., which aims to produce clothing that is easily accessible by people and inspires them to make the most out of each day. This stems from her deep belief that each individual design should touch the soul of the one who wears it. “I want to see people around me win and go after their goals, I want them to believe that they can do anything,” she said.

With the vision to establish her own clothing brand back then, Chaneil persevered by acquiring relevant experiences first to be able to offer only the best for her customers. She has always been a self-starter, earning an Associate’s Degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Bachelors’ degree in General Business Administration, and an MBA in Business Administration. Nothing can stop her from running her own fashion design business with her skills and attitude. After all, good vibes and positive thoughts start at home. “I created this clothing line to start a positive dialogue and build a community of people around me that are fulfilling their purpose,” she added. She aims to radiate the pleasant energy in her workplace to the clothing line they are coming up with.

Chaneil Monet is more than a passionate business pursuit. It is a firm statement to create a positive influence and ultimately become a movement that stimulates feel-good actions and accomplishments. Her determined mission to consistently produce original and organic fashion creations that could spark genuine connections between people also inspires the whole Chaneil Monet team to be in tune with her goals to make a beautiful difference in this world together.

There are different quotes on their garments to choose from, which are all sending an uplifting message, encouraging an alignment of values within communities. The selections are available on their website at Indeed, Chaneil Monet is “bigger than just a clothing line. It’s about living positively and being an influence for the next generation.” Those who aim to be inspirational influencers today can find comfort in Chaneil’s collections that offer distinct individuality and self-reliance. Her wardrobe speaks for the voiceless, instills confidence, and aspires to a climate of success. Join her by wearing Chaneil Monet clothing made with concern for a noble cause.

About Chaneil Monet, LLC

Chaneil Croxton is from Willow Grove, PA., who is the founder of Chaneil Monet, LLC. She actualizes her vision of an original fashion line that sparks connections between people who want the most out of life. The quotes on her garments will assert an upbeat message and allow for alignment in positive values within communities.

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