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The DMV’s Health & Fitness Coach Who Really Gets It

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The DMV’s Health & Fitness Coach Who Really Gets It

May 05
20:47 2021

Fitness has become a big deal across America since the 2020 stay at home push. Thousands of people found themselves suddenly getting into home based workouts and nutrition programs. Some found their new passtime due to experioencing weight gain while others needed something to do to fight off boredom and cabin fever. No matter what the resoning was for so many people to adopt a more active lifestyle, with that came a surge in clientele for Fitness Professionals who servicing clients online and remotely. In Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, DC there was one particular Fitness Company that had already solidified their niche with the home based demographic long before the new trend took off. 

The company we are referring to is SuperPHIT. Yes it’s spelled a little unusual for a reason. The “PHIT” in SuperPHIT is an acronym for “Personal Health Improvement Techniques” as explained by SuperPHIT’s Founder, Rob Campbell. Rob is a Marine Corps Veteran with over 20 years of helping people achieve higher levels of health, fitness and mindset. The SuperPHIT slogan “Achieve Your Personal Best” says a lot about his own mindset.

Rob believes that  each person has a specific level of ability and personal aspirations and it’s his job to uncover those abilities and match them with what the person desires and/or should be aspiring for. He explains that some people have th wrong set of goals in mind, and as a Professional part of his job as their Coach is to get them to focus on their true necessities. One example he uses is that each spring he has new clients coming to him wanting to get a “beach body”. Coach Rob explains that for one there is no such thing. “When you go to the beach each year, you see people all over who look like they do in your neighborhood” he explains with a bit of laughter. He then goes on to say that while people have this aspiration, he often discover that their blood pressure, visceral fat and other health relating things are usually at levels that are not healthy. For Coach Rob, this becomes the priority. For him, if the focus and SuperPHIT program design aims to improve these things, the end resuly will still likely be a physical body composition that his clients find favorable. 

Rob Campbell has used this approach for years with great success and has launched a 28-day home based challenge to help people all over the country get a great jumpstart on a better, healthier life. After looking into the program it appears to be grossly underpriced to which Rob responds, “If I can’t help those who need the help the most, what good am I”. This is his reasoning for keeping his program at a lower rate. 

The SuperPHIT 28-Day Challenge is available to start at any time. There is no group start date, so anyone can sign up at any time. Once you register, your program starts that day for 28 consecutive days. The program includes Coach guided video workouts with detailed instructions on proper exercise movement, which is fantastic for those who have no exercise experience and want to perfect their techniques. The program also provides participants with a nutrition plan, peer support, live Coach support, small daily tasks that keep them on track and lifestyle habit processes. This program is packed with features to help participants reach a new level in all target areas of their health and fitness. With that being said, the SuperPHIT challenge comes highly recommended for anyone wanting to make some progress in the areas of fitness and overall health in a short amount of time and learn the techniques that will keep the progress continuous for life.

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