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IntelliBrochure Launches Behavioral Analytics Software for B2B Sales

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IntelliBrochure Launches Behavioral Analytics Software for B2B Sales

April 20
01:46 2021
This highly innovative tool is designed to assist B2B Sales professionals.

For years, sales and marketing teams around the world have done countless market research and invested in hours of perfecting engaging and stunning creatives to develop well-researched, targeted sales collaterals. They put a great deal of effort into making brochures, proposals and the like without knowing exactly how their sales materials were received by their prospective clients. IntelliBrochure turns the tides and provides predictive powers to sales professionals. This is a simple yet dynamic behavioral analytics software tool proven to rapidly improve B2B sales team performance by between 9 and 31 percent.

“Our research across 39 trial users saw 28 users deliver between 9 and 31 percent more sales, with the highest recorded increase over the three-month period being 212 percent. This software is a gamechanger,” stated a representative from IntelliBrochure.

Before IntelliBrochure, the most sales professionals can measure the effectiveness of their sales collaterals is through surveys and reviews. However, not every prospect has the time or even the interest to answer survey forms. This is where an intelligent brochure can make all the difference. IntelliBrochure shows B2B sales reps exactly how interested a prospect is, what is driving their decision and precisely when to engage them using powerfully simple behavioral analytics.

The software can be deployed in minutes, and there is no user training required for sales reps to start. All they have to do is simply upload their existing sales collateral (product brochures, proposals, etc.) to IntelliBrochure. They can then send the intelligent brochure version by entering the prospect’s name in the software, click “copy link” and send it through standard e-mail. Sales reps will receive insights as soon as the prospect starts viewing.

Through a detailed engagement report, sales reps will see how prospects interact with product brochures, proposals, quotes and other sales collaterals. Once the prospect completes viewing, they will receive an exact recording of the interaction as well as four types of heatmap visualizations that help qualify opportunities better, reveal prospect decision drivers and increase conversion rates. These alerts, heatmaps and recordings provide proven actionable insights that propel growth.

IntelliBrochure has assisted sales professionals in vital conversations with prospective clients — leading them to close sales successfully. This trailblazing software gives them the great opportunity to harness the power of behavioral analytics technology for B2B sales teams. Sales leaders around the world deliver real growth by enabling their B2B sales team to identify the right time to engage their prospects, improve qualification and forecasting accuracy and increase their conversion rate by tailoring their pitch to precisely what matters most to the prospect.

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About IntelliBrochure

IntelliBrochure is a simple yet powerful behavioral analytics software tool proven to rapidly improve B2B sales team performance.

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