MIRAT’s AI Based ITSM tool For Better Service & workflow Management

MIRAT, the newest tool in Devops and ITOps incident response management software, announces the release of its Incident Management Response module. By enabling effective collaboration and equipping teams to respond

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11-Year-Old Budding Chef and First-Time Author Ilana Christian Releases Her Cookbook for Kids

The kid- and family-friendly cookbook is full of delicious favorites and gets kids excited to cook and spend time with family in the kitchen Atlanta, Georgia – August 30, 2021

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Richardson Financial Announces the Creation of Two Endowment Funds to Support Students from Low-Income Communities

The chosen beneficiaries will receive four years’ of funding and support to take care of college tuition, room, and other essentials, to help them achieve their goals in life and

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Min-Biotech: Would Asian Bright Technology Support Allergic People?

Food allergy is defined as an enormous problem which puzzles more than 500 million people around the world. According to latest report published by WAO (World Allergy Organization), governments from various countries put more and more attention to Food Allergen labeling. There is an enduring myth in food

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Wallabies: Outdoor, Adventure-Friendly Sunglasses for Kids

With Wallabies, parents can adequately protect their kids as they engage in outdoor activities and the many adventures that they

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Affordable Online On-Demand Film School Announced by

Hollywood, California – Prolific writer/producer Nancy Fulton has launched an affordable online on-demand film school at to support new

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Centinela Youth Services Applauds Illinois on Its Steps on Restorative Justice

Centinela Youth Services (CYS) commends the state of Illinois for landmark legislation, barring police from lying to youth under 18 during

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Highly Talented Rapper and Model Superstar Cortni Announces Exciting New Projects that Will Shake the Entertainment World

Superstar Cortni continues to release new songs and content, which keeps her relevant in the industry while also keeping her

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How to Become a Notary in Florida –

There are 4.4 million notaries according to a rough survey. This significant number shows that there are many business opportunities

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Meet The Great Londini, The Internet Sensation Exposing Cyber Trolls With Its Mascot ‘The Masked Vigilante’

In attempts to end cyberbullying across various social media platforms, a group of white hat ethical hackers started ‘The Great LonDini’,

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August 2021