Prayverse launches NFT marketplace

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Prayverse launches NFT marketplace

July 01
02:58 2022
Prayverse launches NFT marketplace

Unique, special and ESG NFT will be designed, produced, and operated by the Prayverse NFT marketplace, which implements NFT Minting using Polygon ERC-721 & ERC-1175 and transactions (fixed price, real-time bidding, Dutch auction, and divided transactions).

The advantage of Prayverse NFT Marketplace is that transaction history is recorded if a unique token is assigned to the asset; therefore, NFT cannot be forged or falsified. Prayverse NFT marketplace is in the middle of applying for the blockchain-based counterfeiting patent. It is also easy to track, and secure assets based on trust. In addition, it is possible to view all information through the grade membership system recognized by the Prayverse NFT marketplace platform.

In particular, the ownership of a part of the asset is identified to be traded like 1/n. In general, tangible assets, such as real estate and art, require many stakeholders, and documents needed for ownership require time and budget. When the ownership is issued using an NFT, transactions and management are simplified, and marketing costs and fees can be reduced. In addition, false offerings or information by brokers that disturb the transaction can be blocked. PRAY can be used as a means of trading when a Prayverse NFT token is issued and traded using actual assets as collateral.

The Prayverse NFT marketplace will grow into a specialty that provides both tangible and intangible assets. Therefore, Prayverse will also cooperate with related professional companies to develop into a user-friendly international NFT Marketplace.

Prayverse NFT marketplace enables users to trade NFT that they designed and developed. Prayverse will also develop SNS public evaluation system that allows objective evaluation of priceless NFT and a marketplace with a structure that allows auctions and split transactions. It also is developing a system linked with games and ESG activity platform and an app-based platform that implements App/DApp /NFT combine. They are also filing a blockchain-based counterfeiting patent and developing a ranking system for the NFT followers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Prayverse
Contact Person: Jay Jeong
Email: Send Email
Phone: +82 10 2116 0257
City: Seoul
Country: South Korea

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