Walker Capital Offers Financial Education Online

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Walker Capital Offers Financial Education Online

December 29
22:03 2021
Walker Capital Offers Financial Education Online

Many people live in the moment without taking the required time to plan for their financial future and eventual retirement. The good news is that, no matter what stage of life you are in, it is not too late to start looking at the big picture and focusing on retirement goals. One excellent resource that everyone should utilize is online financial education.

A Priceless Resource for Online Financial Education

The best investment is an investment in your own financial wherewithal.  Education is priceless, especially when the topic of education is finance and retirement. An excellent resource for many topics of personal finance is https://walkercpg.com/. This resource covers a multitude of money related issues, including:

  • Retirement planning

  • Coordination of benefits

  • Tax planning

  • Insurance Planning

The Road to Retirement

Retirement is a destination that many people recognize as an ultimate goal. Walker Capital Preservation Group offers individuals and families a personalized financial roadmap to help them reach their dream retirement destination. Walker Capital provides proactive pre-retirees with one-on-one services, live classroom educational webinars, and online financial resources (from budget calculators to a wide range of article topics and more!).

Online Education is Convenient

With online education, anyone can learn about financial topics from anywhere. Online education is convenient and allows the user to learn and take part in the education even from the comfort of their own home. A person can take online courses on their own, with a partner or loved one, or even with the entire family.

As long as there is internet access, Walker Capital makes it easy to participate in our events from anywhere! Classes require a smartphone, laptop, or computer that can stream the course. Participants will need headphones or a speaker for any audio portions. Some families choose to stream through their smart tv so that everyone in the home can take part in online education and sit around the TV comfortably. 

The Three Phases to Retirement 

With the help of online education, it is never too late to turn things around and get back on track to achieving your financial freedom and enjoying a sustainable retirement. The first step is to determine which of the three phases you and your family may be in. The stages are the accumulation phase, the preservation phase, and the distribution phase. The Walker team can help people find which stage they are in, create a personalized tax and retirement plan, and help people gain control of their financial future. 

Getting Started is Easy

There are many resources that can help people get started with financial and retirement planning and assist those who are already on their way to reaching their financial goals. Online webinars and education offered include topics such as understanding TSP, designing retirement income with a thrift spending plan, and the power of being in the zero percent tax bracket. New topics are frequently being added, so it is important to check back regularly on the website or join the mailing list.

Getting started with financial planning is easy. Visit the website listed above or go to https://walkercpg.com/contact/. Be sure to reach out for more information.

Walker Capital Preservation Group, Inc. (WCPG) was created in 2014 by Tom Walker. Walker works with federal employees and their families to create realistic, doable, and comfortable retirement plans.

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