Caelverum Media Productions embraces work from home culture with great benefits.

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Caelverum Media Productions embraces work from home culture with great benefits.

December 27
22:06 2021
Caelverum WFH showing great benefits to workers, local businesses, and social media.

As the pandemic over the last two years has forced many businesses to have to adapt their traditional working styles to suit, Sydney-based Media Production company Caelverum also took on to embracing the work-from-home culture and after over 2 years, can happily say they will continue to adopt this new-ish and updated working style, even after things may go back to relatively normal.

“Working from home has really given me back my time during the day and taught me how to be even more effective, as I can now really play with the things I get to do during my day while also completing work and projects.” says My Linh Duong, Social Media Associate for Caelverum.

“Not only that, but with great technologies for video calls such as Zoom, Google Meets, and FaceTime, I actually get to “see” and catch up with everyone quite often, so it doesn’t feel isolating at all working from home.”

Caelverum also saw this as the perfect opportunity to continue their support of their amazing Vibers (influencers) and as many local businesses as they could. As many were also forced to implement their own work-from-home styles or adaptations, Caelverum were always down to support where they could. Including but not limited to; encouraging takeaway food and drinks for their team via Uber Eats/Door Dash/etc or ordering direct from the restaurant/cafe, taking part in activities such as Clay Time who remodeled their business to send-home kits that the team enjoyed in the comfort of their own space, creating and holding virtual events which included send outs of all different types (food.. beverages.. prizes.. presents) & of course sending out LOTS of gifts to not only their team but to their families, friends, and Vibers in order to spread #lockdownlove and help combat some of the very understandable lockdown fatigue.

And of course, the other awesome benefit to all the above? Content! And Social Media! What an amazing time to just create and spread some amazing vibes while we were all working from home. Caelverum made sure to make it easier for their team to continue to create quality content by sending key pieces such as portable green screens and lighting equipment straight to their team member’s homes.

Caelverum celebrates a successful work-from-home culture during the last couple of years and will continue to do so well into the future.

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