Mystery and suspense novel, Murder On The Naval Base, recently had its screenplay complete after seeing steady ongoing interest throughout the years

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Mystery and suspense novel, Murder On The Naval Base, recently had its screenplay complete after seeing steady ongoing interest throughout the years

December 24
22:24 2021

Behcet Kaya, award-winning author of Body in the Woods and Voice of Conscience, continues to captivate readers with each novel in his prolific repertoire. With an unpredictable plot and a cast of flawed, dynamic characters, Kaya’s work is a standout in the suspense genre.

Murder on the Naval Base begins with a blurry account of a horrific murder—a lovely couple singled out for violence while having a romantic dinner at the Officer’s Club. The suspect is apprehended hours later while seemingly fleeing the state. With over a dozen witnesses, there appears to be little to investigate, especially the revelation that the victim was the perpetrator’s wife out on a date with her longtime lover.

But beneath the overt violence, there lurk crimes of a different sort. Contrasting the constraints of married life against the demands of military careers, Murder on the Naval Base delves into the primordial desires of the characters as they navigate what it means to truly be faithful.

With its complex cast and unspoken allegiances, Murder on the Naval Base is perfect for fans of Brian Haig and Paula Hawkins. Buried within the larger investigation, the author dissects the day-to-day challenges of naval aviation to add a technical flair to the story. By blending elements of different genres, Kaya’s work has broad appeal for a range of adult audiences.

When writing his first novel Voice of Conscience, Kaya had the same kind of self doubt that most first-time authors have about their ability to write. What came as a surprise was that most reviewers of his first book thought that it was his biography – it wasn’t, it was fiction. This clearly proved his ability to write and gave Kaya the motivation to continue writing.

In Murder on the Naval Base, Kaya’s interest in military aircrafts sparked the idea for the book. Beyond interest, he also spent countless hours reading biographies of figures involved in World War I. He physically visited the Pensacola Naval Museum in Florida and the Imperial War museum in London. To top this off, Kaya’s wife also contributed to the research process by poring over military court trials and procedures and produced over 4000 pages of notes.

The tremendous amount of research put into the book shows. Reviewers applaud Kaya’s ability to immerse the audience in the story, stating, “There is something to be said about the combination of a writer who [is also] an actor that somehow makes tension scenes more credible.” Murder on the Naval Base transcends the usual limitations of the genre to comment on the human condition and the temptations that can lead to even darker—or deadly—consequences.

Murder on the Naval Base can be found on Amazon. A screenplay has been completed for the book and the project is currently in the hands of producer Jack Binder.

Author Behcet Kaya was born in northeastern Turkey. Leaving home at fourteen, he travelled first to Istanbul and then on to London where he finished his high school and college education. He made the move to the U.S. in 1976 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985. He graduated from Cal State Channel Islands with a BA in Political Science in 2017. Currently he and his wife live in the Florida Panhandle where he is working on his 7th novel.

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