Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Wildlife Removal Services in Raleigh and Charlotte

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Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Wildlife Removal Services in Raleigh and Charlotte

December 22
23:20 2021
Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Wildlife Removal Services in Raleigh and Charlotte

Squirrels appear to be cute little animals, but they actually strike terror in the hearts of homeowners. When a squirrel makes its way into the home, it can cause significant damage in very little time. The critters find a small hole or chew a hole in the residence, where they may become trapped in an attic, soffit, or crawl space. Homeowners must know how these animals get in and what they can do if a squirrel has taken up residence in their home. 


Squirrels often make their way into homes through the roof, where they may get trapped or build a nest. Once in the eaves, they chew holes or may munch on electrical wires and insulation. They often use this insulation to make a nest. When the babies leave the nest or are removed by a wildlife removal expert, the homeowner needs to repair the damage to the home and eliminate any entry holes. 

Plumbing Vents

Most people don’t realize plumbing systems must be vented to prevent the buildup of sewer gases. These cylindrical vents appear on the roof of a home to remove the gases, and a contractor must cut a hole in the roof for this vent. They often make this hole larger than it needs to be for ease of installation and cover the hole with a rubber flashing when the work is complete. Squirrels chew the flashing to make their way into the home where they establish a nest in the attic. The flashing must be replaced once the squirrels have been relocated to prevent them from returning. 

Crawl Spaces

Removing squirrels from a crawl space tends to be challenging, particularly when they take up residence in an area that is inaccessible. Baiting and trapping both help to remove these intruders. Removing them promptly remains essential to avoid torn insulation, unpleasant odors from droppings, and chewed wires. 

Roof and Gable Vents

Contractors install plastic and aluminum vents on roofs to ventilate the attic properly. Squirrels are attracted to these vents, as they allow warm air to escape from the attic. They chew past the vent cover to make their way into the home and nest. The same holds when it comes to gable vents. Sustainable Pest Systems works with clients to remove the critters and repair the vents so squirrels cannot make their way back into the home. 


Squirrels can enter the chimney of a home. In fact, they see any chimney without a cap as an invitation to make a nest in the residence. Smooth steel and clay-lined flues make it difficult for them to exit the chimney once they get into the home. In contrast, brick-lined chimneys allow them to come and go as they please. Visit to learn how to prevent them from doing so. 

If one has squirrels in the home, call for help immediately. Doing so minimizes any damage to the home. Furthermore, wild animals aren’t meant to live with humans. Prompt removal of the critters protects the health of loved ones, so make the call today if one suspects one or more squirrels are currently sharing the residence. 

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Sustainable Pest Systems solves pest problems quickly and efficiently. The company does so by using methods that are safe for the home’s occupants and the environment. 

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