JASMINER X4 keeps mining revenue through technological innovation

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JASMINER X4 keeps mining revenue through technological innovation

December 21
17:11 2021

Under the epidemic, the global economy has also been hit hard. People are eagerly looking for alternatives to the traditional banking system, and encrypted digital currencies represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum have become their first choice. After all, the underlying technology of blockchain provides these investors with the current best choice. People can conduct their so-called banking business without entering large financial institutions.

The latest data from Coingecko shows that the total market value of global cryptocurrencies is now about 2.54 trillion U.S. dollars, which has surpassed the circulation of U.S. dollars. According to data released by the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED) on April 29, the circulation of the U.S. dollar is 2.15 trillion U.S. dollars. By the end of 2021, encrypted assets and stocks will show different strengths, which may indicate that digital assets will continue to perform well in 2022.

Obviously, the expansion of the scope of influence of cryptocurrency has not diminished in the slightest. If the first half of this round of bull market is home to financial institutions, then the second half of the “personal carnival” has quietly kicked off.

At present, the fluctuation of the value of virtual currency directly affects the upstream mining machine industry. Many investors consider the mining machine to be the best investment for “crossing the bear and bull”, so the mining machine has also entered the “hard to find a machine” situation. According to the official futures prices issued by some miners in the market, new models with power consumption in the range of 36-40W/T have increased by nearly 30% each month for three consecutive months, and the increase in January 2021 has exceeded 32%. On the other hand, due to the epidemic, the global shortage of chips is hampering the production of mining machines. Due to chip supply chain problems, many miners are temporarily unable to plan for the futures market in the new year.

With ample spot supply, stable preferential prices, and product characteristics of “high hashrate and low power consumption”, JASMINER has emerged among many mining machine brands and has also stood out in the competition of global leading manufacturers’ futures markets. Maintaining a stable output of hashrate with a continuous source of income is JASMINER’s technical innovation, from the early JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server’s 520MH/s±10% to the current JASMINER X4-S’s 5200MH/s±10%, the hashrate has increased by leaps and bounds, directly soaring ten times. At the same time, under such super high-throughput hashrate performance, the power consumption of JASMINER X4-S is only 2400W, which has achieved a multi-level leap in the process.

As the “rookie” of the JASMINER X4 product family, the many details of X4-S also reflect the refined quality of “made by JASMINER”. Currently, according to JASMINER’s official website, the prices of its three main mining machine products (excluding tax) are: JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is 10,275 US dollars, JASMINER X4 High-throughput server is US$51,375, and JASMINER X4-S is US$102,750.

With the expansion of the consensus on the value of Ethereum, the mining industry is ushering in vigorous development. As a low-risk investment method under the epidemic, miners who participate in Ethereum mining can receive transaction fee rewards in addition to block rewards, which further stimulates the enthusiasm of miners. For Ethereum miners, owning JASMINER means having a “money printing machine” that never goes out of power. They also believe that in the near future, they will be able to realize their dream of crossing the bulls and bears and enjoy this lucrative carnival.

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