Tuko App, a new and the first super app in the UK & Europe, takes service ecosystem to the next level. The only app that allows to shop from the store of everyone’s choice.

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Tuko App, a new and the first super app in the UK & Europe, takes service ecosystem to the next level. The only app that allows to shop from the store of everyone’s choice.

December 21
09:57 2021
From food delivery to cleaning services and taxi booking, Tuko Super App has become a game-changer in the UK market. The latest all-inclusive app lets people shop for virtually all their on-demand needs.

Tuko App is on a mission to make lives easier across the UK and the rest of the world after unveiling the newest all-inclusive super app, the first of its kind in the world, where users can shop for all their needs right in one place. 

Tuko Super App has emerged as a game-changer that allows individuals to shop for virtually any of their on-demand needs – whether hiring a taxi, ordering food online, getting stuff couriered, or shopping for groceries.

“With an innovative app in place, users can easily move anything within the city, get a small parcel collected or delivered within the hour, pick up and drop off groceries, send forgotten stuff, send collect items for repair, and more in just a few taps,” says Dr Climate Wiseman, the co-founder of Tuko business.

Dr Wiseman says the super app utilizes cutting-edge mobile technology to enable customers to get connected to nearby on-demand service providers in less than 60 minutes such as a plumber, hairstylist, mobile car wash, electrician, or even a pet groomer and get instant and secure affordable services on their doorsteps.

Most of all, mobile apps for food delivery & online grocery shopping such as Deliveroo, Just eat, Uber eat and many others are only limited to specific goods, foods, places and locations.

With Tuko super app on-demand shopper the limit is now over; now customers can order anything from any nearby store or restaurant of their choice. Or just type in their shopping list, choose the store of their choice or the area they want to shop from and the delivery buddy will personally shop for them and deliver their order to their doorsteps. E.g. the customers may want to order a quick grocery, food, snack, water bottle, cold drink, beer, maybe something from the local hardware or retail store, or even medicine from the local pharmacy. All delivered in 60 minutes.

“Tuko App’s goal is about making life easy as the super app covers almost anything individuals could think of,” adds Dr Wiseman. The Tuko App offers 65+ assortments of on-demand services at the tip of users’ fingers.

For example, users can book a ride or taxi with Tuko and enjoy travelling in comfort and with ease – whether they’re heading to the office or meeting some friends. 

Tuko’s service providers are local people with the local knowledge and are pure professionals who make sure customers enjoy a safe and reliable services. 

Wiseman stressed that the app also provides a perfect fare and cost estimate to the customers depending on their distance to travel or the amount of work to be done.

“We want to provide an excellent and fascinating service to customers across the UK. Whether they have to go for an important business meeting or attend a function, everything is possible with a few simple clicks on their phone,” says Dr Wiseman. 

Tuko Super App plans to become the first super app in the world, expanding throughout the globe, becoming a billion dollar company by serving a billion people. To achieve this Tuko Super App has undergone 2 years of robust testing in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Caribbean & Latin America. Tuko Super App operates in 15 major languages, 26 major currencies, Including currencies Including XAF, EURO & XCB Economic Blocks.

Aside from Taxi, Food, Stores, Delivery and on-demand service providers,  Tuko Super App also provides money transfer services in a matter of seconds, and a whole lot more.

Top up the wallet and they can buy any goods and services through Tuko Money. Meanwhile, those looking to send or receive parcels locally can turn to Tuko for the most secured system in the world from the press of a button. Tuko Delivery allows users to send and receive goods from loved ones or their favorite stores. The service offers same hour delivery, same day delivery, live tracking of the delivery from the user’s phone, and special digital codes to secure the delivery. 

Wiseman says Tuko can get users a local delivery service provider, saving them time and money. Users can even multi-book other deliveries, which can save them up to 80% of the cost. 

Tuko Super App has successfully applied for taxi operating licenses in London, Scotland and many other countries. Because of its inbuilt safe transport mechanism they have won major contracts with many local authorities.

At the moment Tuko is also seeking serious investors to help take this vision to another level; they are seeking an initial investment of £1 million for a 10% stake. 

“At the moment everything is set and tested and we are already on the move, all what we need is that extra cash for marketing and we are tomorrow’s billion dollar company,” says Dr Wiseman.

Those who want to learn more about the Tuko Super App and the entire features of the app may visit the website for more information. Users can also download the Tuko app via Google Play and Apple Store to get started right away. Potential investors can also download Tuko Super App Pitch Deck here

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