Super miner, New JASMINER product exposed

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Super miner, New JASMINER product exposed

December 17
22:36 2021

A few days ago, JASMINER’s new super high-throughput computing power mining machine X4-S real machine was exposed. Its computing power is as high as 5200MH/s±10% and the power consumption is 2400W. Compared with the previous generation JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server, the computing power has successfully soared 10 times. The launch of JASMINER X4-S will further reduce power consumption for miners, bring higher efficiency, and continue to lead the competition in the industry.

According to the exposure map, JASMINER X4-S continues to be equipped with JASMINER’s self-developed high-throughput computing power X4 chip. Adopting a new generation of Bare Die packaging technology and ultra-high integration of the integrated design of the whole machine, deep customization of the heat dissipation design scheme, so that the heat dissipation effect has been more strongly optimized.

In the design of the fuselage, JASMINER X4-S is a fan-parallel fuselage design, which improves the heat dissipation structure, shortens the air path and reduces the wind resistance, so that the heat dissipation efficiency is significantly improved. It effectively improves the reliability and stability of the long-term operation of the mining machine, and provides good hardware support for the long-term mining of miners.

In terms of cost performance, JASMINER X4-S has brought a good performance. Test data shows that in the current Ethereum output of 0.0000163 ETH per M day, the currency price is US$3808.4681, and the electricity fee is calculated at US$0.04715 per kilowatt-hour, so the static payback period of JASMINER X4-S is about 333 days, the shutdown currency is $32.06/ETH, and the electricity bill accounts for only 1%. The lower the proportion of the electricity bill of the mining machine, the more it can withstand the collapse of the currency price. This also means that JASMINER X4-S can dig more coins compared to other similar products on the market, which to a certain extent cushions the danger of the currency price plummeting, and can be called a “money printing machine” that never goes out of power.

Currently, according to JASMINER’s official website, the prices of its three main mining machine products (excluding tax) are: JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is 10,275 US dollars, JASMINER X4 High-throughput server is US$51,375, and JASMINER X4-S is US$102,750.

It is understood that with the increase in the computing power of the entire Ethereum network, the difficulty of mining will increase accordingly. Therefore, the entire industry urgently needs a substantial increase in computing power to ensure revenue. Under the current global mining machine competition, JASMINER has been committed to independent research and development of mining machines. Its JASMINER X4 series of mining machines have now become the world’s leading brand of Ethereum mining machines, with customers in more than 100 countries at home and abroad. With the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, strong stability and ultra-high cost performance, the launch of JASMINER X4-S will further consolidate JASMINER’s position as the leader in the Ethereum mining machine market and rapidly expand its market share at home and abroad.

With the industry’s leading global optimization solution, JASMINER is making every effort to promote the development of the encrypted digital currency mining industry. The release of the new super high-throughput computing power mining machine JASMINER X4-S will also further meet the diverse mining needs of global users and provide customers with a more powerful and better mining experience.

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