Free Flow Drain Guards Protect Homeowners from Drainage Nightmares

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Free Flow Drain Guards Protect Homeowners from Drainage Nightmares

December 15
23:35 2021
Free Flow drain guard units prevent pest infestations and other drainage problems.

Thousands of homeowners across the country have experienced inhaling unpleasant odors coming from rats. It starts as a bad smell that soon permeates around the house. The smell can then get so bad that professionals need to be called in to find out what is causing the horrible smell. More often than not, it is usually a rat – or a family of rats – making their way into, and eventually getting stuck and rotted, inside drainage pipes.

Hiring specialists to dig around the house just to find the decaying pests that are causing the horrible smells can already cost homeowners thousands of dollars. What is even worse is that sometimes, the damage caused by pests clogging up drains can get so bad that at times, homeowners need to have extensive repairs done to their homes and drainage systems.

In some cases, the entire drainage systems need to be replaced just to get rid of the horrible stink caused by decomposing bodies of rodents. Sometimes, families even need to move out for a time for repairs as extensive as this. These problems can set homeowners back tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these drainage nightmare problems. Willie Valdez worked as a landscape contractor for 32 years and has been called on several times to deal with pest and rodent problems, and has seen clients spend several thousand dollars on repairs. He formulated a solution for their drainage catastrophes and developed the Free Flow drain protection unit.

The device has a simple yet smart design that allows water and other debris to flow freely while keeping rodents and other pests from entering drains, thanks to a simple one-way trap door on the front. When not draining water, a flap effectively covers the drain hole, keeping small animals like rats from entering the drain. An auxiliary grating allows for more water to flow out.

Free Flow units come in two sizes: 3 inches and 4 inches. Installing them is easy. Homeowners simply need to insert the unit completely into a drain with the trap door facing away from the drain hole. Installing it is a breeze, it usually does not require tools. For less than 20 dollars, homeowners can now protect their drains from rats and other pests, and save themselves a ton of money on costly repairs.

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About Free Flow

Willie Valdez has worked as a landscape constructor for 32 years and has witnessed homeowners spend tons of money to repair drain damages. He decided to come up with a solution to prevent rodents and other pests from infiltrating drainage systems and causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. The result is Free Flow – an efficient device that lets water and other debris flow unobstructed while preventing pests from entering the drainage system.

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