Toby Smiles is a bundle of courage and motivation as he shows the world that life revolves around living and not around disability

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Toby Smiles is a bundle of courage and motivation as he shows the world that life revolves around living and not around disability

December 14
23:44 2021
Toby Smiles is a bundle of courage and motivation as he shows the world that life revolves around living and not around disability
Meet Toby Smiles the 18-year-old specially-abed boy who inspires many others to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

United States – Toby Smiles is a popular TikToker, YouTuber and Instagrammer with millions of fans around the world. This young social media influencer loves to live his life to the fullest despite being specially-abled. He is full of energy and positive attitude.


Born on April 28, 2003, Toby Tremain who prefers to be called Toby Smiles has cerebral palsy. However, this 18-year-old boy wants to be an inspiration to people who have a disability to prove that anyone can accomplish anything they desire in life. He also wants to be a pastor to share the love of Jesus.

“I was born 3 weeks early, April 28, 2003. I’ve had multiple challenges throughout my life and I want to be a YouTuber and pastor,” says Toby. “I want to show the world that no matter what disability you might have, your dreams are real, if you just push through it to make it happen.”

Toby firmly believes that one can achieve anything in their life if they set their mind to it. History is full of success stories by men and women who have overcome their physical challenges to achieve feats many can only dream of in their life.


“I have never really liked the idea of settling down for an average life full of regrets. You’ve got to live only once, so why not live with positive disposition,” remarks Toby. “I am driven by challenges. For me, life has always been about doing what you love to do. I didn’t just want to be successful and independent. Rather, I have always wanted to create a legacy.”

Toby realizes that the track to success ‘is not always rosy’, particularly for kids who are physically challenged. Toby wants to motivate them to come out of their shell and follow their dreams with passion. Toby always nurtures big ideas and knows how to put his plan into action. He strongly believes that determination and perseverance are game-changers for anyone looking to make it big in life. He always thinks out of the box and constantly brainstorms ideas to help others achieve their dreams.

Toby, who is currently pursuing his schooling, has always been fascinated by technology and power of social media. He kept a keen eye on the latest technology trends and eventually decided to build his social media profiles. He started sharing useful content on social media. As a newbie on social media, he had no followers. But he didn’t let anything hold him back from pursuing his dreams and invested his time and energy into generating valuable content. Gradually, he started to see traction as more and more people began to follow him on social media. Today he is a social media star and boasts of millions of followers across his various profiles.

“Many kids with disability lose all hope and purpose and resign themselves to live a life of mediocrity. They do not realize that there is so much life has to offer,” says Toby. “I’d like to use the power of social media and connect with them and show them what they are capable of only if they believe in themselves.”

Toby’s advice to young kids, “Dream big. Keep working towards your goal. Take baby steps if needed, but keep moving. Never lose sight of the big picture. Have confidence in your ability to execute. And you will slowly but surely get there.”

For more information or to connect with Toby, send an email or reach out via his social media profiles.




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