William Hanna’s “breathlessly captivating” books are now available as Audiobooks

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William Hanna’s “breathlessly captivating” books are now available as Audiobooks

December 13
13:22 2021
William Hanna’s "breathlessly captivating" books are now available as Audiobooks

The Grim Reaper

This contemporary thriller was totally riveting, and I found myself unable to put it down while being horrified at the events that were unfolding!

This book flew out of the gate and didn’t look back with its intensity, heartbreaking, the tension of characters, and situations and downright twistedness. George Orwell in its writing style and masterful unleashing of the storyline which kept me, as the reader, guessing! This book was a perfect example of why I love and seek out male, British political writers.

I had to force myself to put this book down to work on other things that I was working on.

I must admit that George Orwell is my favourite British author. I stalk his stuff to see when new releases are coming out and compare every British author (actually all authors) to the George factor. Whenever I read any politics of any form from any country, my question is always, “How does it compare to a George Orwell or JT Ellison book? Has the author been able to write a strong storyline without having to depend too heavily on the emotional factors to prop up weak writing?” I must admit that Hanna is clipping on the heels of these two authors, and my strong opinion is that I will soon be adding his name to the mix.

Read the book if you want to witness the real face of human nature.

Helen Carter rated it ★★★★★

Goodreads Reviews: https://bit.ly/3DFs6HP

The Broken Promise Of A Promised Land

William Hanna is an activist in the truest sense of the word, fearful of nothing as he attacks everything that doesn’t pass his standard of righteousness. Disillusioned by the reality he sees in present-day society, Hanna only speaks the purest truth he knows and accepts insights backed by irrefutable scientific and historical data.

Forgoing formalities and skipping sugar-coated pleasantries, the author jumps right into a discourse of the misdeeds of a Zionist Apartheid Jewish State. Unfamiliar? My mind was also filled with question marks the first time I read this. However, I greatly appreciate Hana’s extensive effort to explain his stand and the way he uses comprehensive evidence to back up his claims. I greatly admire the author’s strength and determination to raise awareness despite numerous oppositions he, no doubt, encounters.

Aurora Turner rated it ★★★★★

Goodreads Reviews: https://bit.ly/3nxWMpv 

Purchase links in Books Section at: https://www.williamhannaauthor.com

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