How does design impact e-commerce transactions

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How does design impact e-commerce transactions

December 13
07:10 2021

People are constantly questioning why can’t find the style that suits home. There’s always some beautiful furniture on the home decor magazine sent to home every month. However, when people buy the piece of furniture but realize it does not feel right. Why does this happen a lot when people are shopping?

Yaman is a UX and visual designer, whichever came up with the idea to mitigate this pain. After years of branding design experience, combine UX design. Yaman always has some cutting-edge ideas for new brands. The design for rebranding a brand FNJI that she worked for had won a lot of awards.

Let see what strategy for rebranding that Yaman achieved. On the neat landing page, people can see the extravagant typefaces and imagery; as for the new furniture launches, FNJI had quite a minimalist style inspired by the Memphis Group. Yaman uses the simple but intelligent treatment to reveal the landing page. And it’s coming up with the combination of the whole set of furniture with single items.

After the testing and soft launch, it was a success as the clean layout potentially attracted users’ attention to the product itself. Now people can think about how website design could impact purchases. As mentioned before about the match with an actual environment with people’s lovely home, Yaman also had some designs for the category pamphlet. The rebranding design could be a big triumph for e-commerce businesses. Not to mention the elegant visual element, which includes the neat interface and exquisite typefaces.

As talked a lot about how design could impact e-commerce, people believe now. The consumer gets picky on the quality of the product and the esthetic strategy that it conveys to the users. After testing, Yaman also found an interesting phenomenon of young professionals’ online shopping habits: they care about if the product could reflect their personality. If it’s unique to their personality, the consideration of the price is less critical. Now people can see how important design interfaces are important to communicate the brand ambiance.

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