Personal Injury Lawyers Explain What A Disability Lawyer Can Do For Clients

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Personal Injury Lawyers Explain What A Disability Lawyer Can Do For Clients

December 10
22:16 2021
How a lawyer can help in life events like injuries or accidents.

Sometimes, life can get in the way of our goals. It’s unfortunate, but it happens to most of us. Life events like injuries or accidents are things that can take you out of work for an extended period, leaving your finances devastated while your bills pile up. If you have been injured and are unable to return to work because you sustained a disability, a lawyer can help you in a lot of ways. We asked a long term disability lawyer to better explain what a disability lawyer can do for their clients. Learn more below.

A Disability Lawyer Can Ensure You File Your Disability Claim Right

Insurance companies are well-known for taking advantage of individuals who don’t have an understanding of the complex disability insurance policies. They have a vast amount of experience in understanding the law and will try to use it against you. Hiring a lawyer with knowledge of the complex laws surrounding disability insurance is crucial, so your rights are protected.

An experienced lawyer can help you understand all the requirements you must meet to qualify for your disability insurance. Your lawyer can also help you understand what you need to do when filing a claim, especially when it comes to forms and the different deadlines you will face.

A Disability Lawyer Can Assist You With Your Appeal

In most cases, appealing a denied claim can be handled without a lawyer, but it is difficult. Insurance companies are known for being extremely offensive during these appeals by using tactics that make it near impossible to successfully challenge them without having a disability lawyer on your side. Without the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you may lose valuable time, which may result in losing out on your deserved benefits.

You Can Get Assistance With Hiring Experts

Appeals also require you to provide proof to support your claim. A lawyer can hire medical experts for you and work with them to ensure they develop the necessary supportive medical records needed. Your lawyer will make sure this process goes smoothly and that you receive all the benefits owed. A knowledgeable lawyer will know the right questions to ask the doctor to ensure the answers they give will be enough to support your claim.

A Lawyer Can Answer Any of Your Questions About Disability and Benefits

After enduring a severe injury or illness, it is difficult to understand the many rules and regulations that apply. If you have a disability lawyer on your side, they will answer any of your questions about applying, appealing claims, and receiving benefits under the policy.

Insurance companies are known for trying to discourage individuals from continuing with their claims so their money can go towards someone else. Your long-term disability lawyer can ensure you receive your benefits and help protect your rights as an insured individual. Some of the questions this lawyer can answer are:

  • How many benefits should I expect to get?
  • Is the insurance company trying to use my disability against me?
  • What are my rights as an insured individual?
  • How does my short-term disability work if that is also offered by the company?
  • When do I start receiving benefits based on my long-term disability policy?

A Lawyer Can Represent You if Your Case Goes to Court

If you are unable to resolve your dispute with the insurance company on your own, or if they are being unreasonable in their demands of what you need to provide, your lawyer can take over for you. Lawyers have an easy time understanding disability policies because they are familiar with them. If settling isn’t an option and the case has to go to court, a qualified disability lawyer will be able to handle your case by representing you in any legal proceedings that take place.

Trying to represent yourself in court can be challenging. A lawyer can provide expert legal representation to ensure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve. What are the benefits of hiring a long-term disability lawyer? They can help you navigate your way through what can be an overwhelming process. You may have questions about the claim process or appeal process and whether or not you should file in court. The bottom line is that if you’re unsure about any aspect of this decision, then it isn’t too late to get legal advice from skilled professionals who know the law inside out.

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