The First Democratic Social Network Viblos That’s Based On The Principles Of Swiss Democracy

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The First Democratic Social Network Viblos That’s Based On The Principles Of Swiss Democracy

December 10
22:06 2021

Digital totalitarianism is emerging before our eyes, in which the opinion of users is manipulated with the help of a “smart” advertising, and privacy is destroyed as a vestige of a free Internet.

Even more strange things can be found if you look at the concept of Metaverses, which are announced by major social networks. Their concepts do not match the main principle of this metaverse — decentralization and transparency for any authors and content makers who can create their own “experiences” inside the metaverse. In reality, the metaverses of large social networks offer only the illusion of decentralization. Such a metaverse will be managed not by the community, but by directors who sit in offices.

Paradoxically, it is centralized structures that want to gain control over something that should be decentralized. And even despite the dissatisfaction of users, the main social media platforms continue to grow bigger, more powerful and more aggressive. Fortunately, the development of information technology facilitates the growth of not only monopolists, but also decentralized platforms. 

Speak freely. Earn passively. Create openly.

While on one side large corporations are upgrading information control systems, on the other side the community of fighters for the free Internet is bringing Viblos to the market — a decentralized social network based on blockchain, which returns users the rights to their own data.

Viblos is the first toned social network, in which users can freely communicate, monetize author’s content and passively earn money by viewing the publications of other community members. Without restrictions, censorship and centralized management.

At the core of the project is the philosophy of Viblos DAO — a decentralized autonomous organization. It is decentralized, because the rights of control and management of Viblos are not concentrated in one hand but distributed among all users. It is also autonomous, because Viblos does not depend on government and commercial structures but is controlled by its users. Finally, it is an organization, because it was created on the basis of free and transparent concepts, which have always been led by the user.

Viblos DAO can be compared to direct democracy in Switzerland, when the people are directly involved in the governance of the state, and every vote counts. Such a system has important advantages over centralized structures:

● unconditional control by the community;

● lack of discriminating hierarchy and privileges;

● acceleration of information exchange processes;

● greater user responsibility.

Combining the traditional social network model and the decentralized architecture of the BEP-20 blockchain, the developers of Viblos managed to create a unique product, devoid of the disadvantages of large social networks, but with its own unique advantages. Below are just a few of them.

• Rights: Viblos users have their own rights. And this is not a joke!

In centralized social networks, ordinary users have virtually no rights. You can easily verify this by reading the Big Data User Agreement. The services are provided “as is” and you cannot demand more quality, reliability or security.

In the decentralized social network Viblos, users manage the system by reaching consensus on all general issues (development and management), as well as the choice of each user in particular moments. The Viblos social network belongs to users, not its creators

• Privacy: No one will get access to user data 

Viblos runs also on a blockchain. This means that any exchange of information takes place within the peer-to-peer architecture (P2P), bypassing intermediaries and centralized servers.

Thanks to this, users can be sure that no one except the sender and recipient will be able to access the information. Personal data remains in the system and never leaves it without the knowledge and consent of the source.

• Immutability: Users can store their content permanently

The content on the Viblos social network belongs to users and only to users. The uploaded content is stored and distributed through a P2P model. Hurray! Finally, the entries from your blog will not be stored on centralized servers. This means that no one will be able to delete them except the user. Say no to censorship!

• Monetization: Users are paid for their content

Viblos users are in full control over the distribution of content on the platform, which allows them to profit from their creativity. Users can earn tokens by creating and curating high-quality content. In addition, Viblos users are also rewarded for sharing content.

• Authentication: High-quality content without fake news

The blockchain architecture and democratic governance allows authenticating information, which allows you to ensure high quality content. By combining this opportunity with the reputation system on the Viblos platform, the developers of the social network encourage users to make better and more useful content.

Not only creators can earn money with Viblos

All centralized social networks have become popular and earn billions of dollars thanks to their users who advertise these sites for free. Do such platforms share profits with their users? Of course not. And what for, if they do everything for free?

This approach is unfair, because some people work, and others become millionaires. Viblos uses a different model: users action is monetized and brings profit to the content creator. And the user also chooses which ad to watch, and whether to watch it at all. The profit from ads goes to the user, and not to centralized owners (they simply do not exist).

The liquidity of Viblos content is created democratically, not by a group of people who dictate to the user what is good and what is bad. This feature is formalized in the VoP philosophy, the center concept of which is “the value of people”.

Demonstrate your talents and abilities, be free and don’t be afraid to create — the Viblos community will help you develop in any direction. And if you want to earn passively, just watch videos and get a VIBLO token.

Viblo Social Token for Social People 

The Viblo platform is based on the advanced Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which allows you to create a democratic and fully decentralized system of rewarding users for participating in the life of a social network. For their activities, users receive a VIBLO token, which is the basis of the Viblo economy.

Token Specification:

● VIBLO token type — Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

● Name —VIBLO Token

● Symbol — VIBLO

● Decimal — 18 digits

● Total Supply — 3,000,000,000

VIBLO is a medium of exchange and is used to reward the creators and participants of the network. The value represented by the token is not limited to actions within the community. Having earned a sufficient number of tokens, users can withdraw it to other cryptocurrencies or fiat, and then spend it as it is convenient for them.

The value of VIBLO is recognized and rewarded within the community, and the society, as a whole, benefits economically from their collective efforts. With this toolkit, users will be able to use completely new categories of economic opportunities!

Who is Viblos suitable for?

In a nutshell, for everyone who is tired of the problems of traditional social networks. Viblos is suitable for creators who cannot monetize their content. Businessmen who want to promote their product. Startup creators who are looking for investors. Marketers who want to interact with organic communities created through algorithmic transparency and a tokenization model.

Want to take part in this project?

The Viblos team has already announced the first launch of its tokenized platform. Users can use the beta version from March 2022, and full deployment is expected in the second quarter of next year. To not miss a chance to take part — participate in the Viblos token sale!

Find investors, create your own NFT, share your impressions, monetize content and earn money by watching videos — with Viblos you can do what you like.

More information about the Viblos project can be found at the links:



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