Large-scale jade sculpture group Praise of Life France exhibition launched – The Praise of Life drives the world’s third cultural renaissance

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Large-scale jade sculpture group Praise of Life France exhibition launched – The Praise of Life drives the world’s third cultural renaissance

December 10
23:32 2021

In the 21st century, the new epidemic spread around the world and completely changed people’s way of life; in the 14th century, an equally deadly plague swept through Europe and has since set off a wave of renaissance around the world. Alluding to the laws of historical development, a third cultural and artistic renaissance that propelled the world was about to reach its climax.

Art needs inspiration, revival needs mission, in order to drive the third cultural revival in the world, under the leadership of Zhai Peng, the founder of the great revival of Chinese culture, the Hongshan craftsmen spent ten years to create a large jade carving group – “Praise of Life”. And the birth of the French chapter is tantamount to another acceleration of the development of human history and civilization.

Since the Renaissance in the 14th century, French art and culture have always been at the center of Europe, especially after Napoleon swept through Europe, the shackles on French artists were further liberated, and as a representative of the Renaissance, the representative work of the cultural and artistic giants Leonardo da Vinci, “Mona Lisa”, was also stored in the Louvre, the temple of art in people’s minds, France also leapt to become the capital of Europe and even France has become the capital of civilization and art in Europe and the world. The birth of the French chapter of the Praise of Life is not only a high degree of condensation and improvement of French culture and art, but also a powerful foundation for driving the third cultural renaissance in the world and creating an unprecedented cultural wave.

French snails

Just as we regard the snail as a delicacy, the snail was a simple and easy source of protein for the ancient people of France, and it has been a common dish on French tables since Roman times.

In this work, the Hongshan artisans use jade materials that are very similar to the snail’s shell pattern, and carve the thinness of the snail’s shell and the softness of the snail’s interior to make the viewer’s mouth water.

French Foie Gras

During the reign of Louis XVI of France, foie gras was presented to the court as a delicacy, and the king was very fond of it after tasting it. Since then, foie gras has become famous, and was praised by many famous writers, musicians and artists of the time, establishing the extraordinary status of a noble delicacy. The work’s complete texture of the foie gras stone brings out the tender and juicy characteristics of foie gras, and the charred brown surface makes the whole work seem to be steaming, realistic and at the same time interpreting the deep history of French food culture.


In addition, the Hongshan craftsmen also restored many traditional French dishes such as Napoleon cake, French pan-fried salmon, French French mushroom soup with onions, French pan-fried silver cod, French braised veal in white sauce and French lamb chops on iron plate, showing the colorful food culture of the world.

This grand epic completed by Zhai Peng, the founder of the great renaissance of Chinese culture and the mastermind of Praise of Life, it is the only meta-narrative work in human history that may narrate the next 500 million years of humanity; the only magnificent poem that records the development of human species and the leap of human civilization; and the only source of power that can drive the third cultural renaissance in the world.

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