New Book “BELIEVE” is a Journal of Metaphysical and Supernatural Events with a Serious Warning for the World

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New Book “BELIEVE” is a Journal of Metaphysical and Supernatural Events with a Serious Warning for the World

December 10
19:56 2021
New Book "BELIEVE" is a Journal of Metaphysical and Supernatural Events with a Serious Warning for the World
Counsellor turned author, Elvira Sabatino has released the first part of her journal which is a compilation of her encounters with God and His message for the world

After decades of being silent, Elvira Sabatino is thrilled to announce the launch of her book, BELIEVE, which is the first part of a journal that aims to document real life events, experiences, prophetic dreams,  nightmares, bi-location, haunting meetings, and heavenly visitations.

The book is a must read for everyone living in these intense times, where truths are being stripped away, from the simple scientific facts to the rewriting of history, blasphemous theology, and worse, the promotion of a church without God.

There is a critical decline of Christianity and a rise in secularism in the world today. The problem is growing worse as humans continue to engage a departure from God. In this book, Elvira Sabatino reveals how imperative it is for everyone to make a difference and stand up against the many evils unleased on Mankind. She admonishes readers to turn to God which is the only key to usurp the works of darkness in the world.

Elvira was considered a Fine Artist, by trade and gradually through God’s guidance and direction, a private inner circle of people began to regard her as a Spiritual Christian Counselor and was even described by some as having the same gifts as St. Catherine of Sienna, Mystic. This inner circle grew by clients recommendations to visit Elvira.

Elvira realized immediately how important it was to document her clients’ experiences. She had begun writing a personal journal documenting her dreams, visions, and supernatural communications. Elvira knew it was important to write the things she had witnessed of each client, the follow up occurrences, and the importance of documenting these extraordinary events in her journals.

BELIEVE is a book that was born from the first mysterious event witnessed by Elvira at 14 years old. It takes a different trajectory from publications by other religious authors in the world which is a mere product of imagination and fiction. Elvira’s experiences as documented in BELIEVE is a detailed compilation of her encounters sponsored by the Spirit of God.

The author hopes that by publishing these incredible factual events, readers will be inspired to take charge and “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT” for if not now, then when?

To order BELIEVE which is now available on Amazon, please visit or log on to The book is also available for download at Barnes & Noble.

About Elvira Sabatino

Elvira Sabatino at the age of 5, migrated to New York, from Sicily, with her parents. As a child, Elvira was very creative and because of that reason people would attribute her unusual behaviors and expressions to ‘”Oh she’s so Artistic.”

Elvira remembers very clearly experiencing many unexplainable emotions, events, and experiences. She began having supernatural encounters at a very tender age which she wrote down and would like to publish them as God has given her a warning for the world. BELIEVE is the first part of the message from Elvira’s encounters.

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