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Helping Businesses Integrate Data With a Technology-Leveraged Service Model

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Helping Businesses Integrate Data With a Technology-Leveraged Service Model

September 08
21:03 2021
Anelen Co., LLC introduces, an on-demand data engineering service for big brands and startups.

September 08, 2021 – Data analytics are vital to business management and staying ahead of consumer trends. But data sets are often stored (or siloed) in separate cloud services; Salesforce for sales, Hubspot for online marketing, Zendesk for customer support, and so on. The siloed data keeps executives from getting a whole perspective of consumer behaviors and business operations.

The solution is bringing all data to a central data warehouse like Snowflake, Google’s BigQuery, or Amazon’s Redshift for analysis. But data integration between ever-growing cloud applications and the data warehouses often lags behind. That leads to why custom data engineering is required to fit the needs of each business.

To make the data integration faster and more cost-effective, Anelen Co., LLC has announced its new data integration service called It helps businesses make faster, better-informed decisions with more reliable, visible customer data. gives executives peace of mind in knowing any data will be delivered wherever it’s needed. It is a new and improved custom data integration service, helping brands streamline data no matter where they originate from. “No cloud applications left behind from data integration,” says Anelen Co., LLC founder Daigo Tanaka, Ph.D. “Our new platform reliably executes and monitors the data extraction and transformation process, and it’s fully customizable…call it ‘On-Demand Data Engineering.’ We keep customers’ data flowing for less than 20% of the hiring cost of a data engineer.”

According to Tanaka, the key to the efficiency is in combining customization service with the proprietary data pipeline platform that is reliable and 10 times more cost-effective. “handoff is based on a ‘technology leveraged’ service model. It became possible because of its serverless architecture. The novel technology helps us focus on customization and data quality instead of spending time in managing the computing clusters.”

Technology is moving fast, and businesses rely on cloud services more than ever to stay organized and up to speed with consumers. To create a robust data pipeline, businesses need quality data architects and integration professionals, but filling these roles is getting harder due to the high demand for talent. That’s why executives turn to Anelen Co., LLC, and for various data integrations. keeps all business data together for seamless, trusted delivery.

About Anelen Co., LLC

Anelen Co., LLC represents a rare combination of science, entrepreneurship, and technology. Founded by Daigo Tanaka, Ph.D. the brand is helping innovative businesses make smarter decisions with data science and engineering.

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