Teen Chef Zachary Moskowitz Lights up the Culinary Scene

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Teen Chef Zachary Moskowitz Lights up the Culinary Scene

June 16
23:31 2021
Teen Chef Zachary Moskowitz Lights up the Culinary Scene

Some people recognize their path in life early on and set about achieving their dreams and making a name for themselves despite their youth. The remarkable Zachary Moskowitz, popularly known as Chef Z, is a social media sensation and a promising teenage chef operating out of Dallas, Texas.

Initially, Zachary started out as a self-taught baker. He had always loved being in the kitchen and had started baking since he was eight. By age eleven, he had begun making videos and content showcasing his culinary adventures. Despite his deep passion for all things pastry, the fourteen-year-old chef shared that it was not until his parents forced him to take cooking classes that his talents blossomed to match his baking fervor. In class, Zachary’s imagination was kindled by his instructor, Chef Meika Johnson, who encouraged him to let his creativity run free in the kitchen and pursue a career as a chef.

Unlike most kids his age, rather than idling at home or spending hours on video games, Zachary would be found in the kitchen baking and filming content whenever he was not dealing with school work. He was bullied by some of his peers who felt that cooking wasn’t cool and labeled him a loser.

However, this only seemed to encourage him to work harder to master his craft. He said, “That never discouraged me, and it will pay off in the long run. My advice is never to let the turkeys bring you down.” Throughout his budding career, Zachary said he was most inspired by Matt Allard, who, like him, was bullied for his cooking interest but went on to achieve fame and success.

Zachary opened his Instagram account in 2019, and as of June 2021, he has amassed over 120,000 followers. He distinguished himself from other young chefs by being front and center in all his cooking videos rather than having his parents, or someone else, do the cooking behind the scenes. His enthusiasm, authenticity and original content quickly endeared him to the online community and brought him recognition and a platform to become truly iconic. Over time, he has established his internet presence as Chef Z, and he owns the self-titled brand Chef Z’s Café.

In a further testament to the exceptional capabilities of the young chef, Zachary Moskowitz prides himself on being a one-man show. He handles everything from filming and editing his video content to managing orders from his website, creating desserts—including his own innovative dishes, running his social media accounts, and juggling all this with school work. According to Chef Z, “I always put school first, but whenever I get a break, I always jump into the kitchen.”

His signature recipes include the Z’s Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Tarte Tatin, and the popular S’mores Brownies made with a combination of three different kinds of chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers.

Zachary dreams of expanding his business in the coming years and owning a couple of bakeries nationwide, particularly in New York or Los Angeles. He also hopes to inspire his peers to realize that they are never too young to pursue their passion.

To learn more about Zachary Moskowitz, visit his official website or connect with him on Instagram.

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