Amati & Associates Set Their Sights on the Future of Digital Marketing

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Amati & Associates Set Their Sights on the Future of Digital Marketing

June 15
00:18 2021
Amati & Associates, a Poland-based growth consulting association, analyzes global marketing trends while striving to predict the ebbing tides of fresh ones.


Facebook reached its peak in 2008, surpassing Myspace, which started the social revolution. It soon became a synonym for digital connection and social media in general, paving the way for marketing forms of the future.  

While the initial concept relied on data sharing and simplified chat rooms, the rise of social media opened the floodgates of instantly accessible information; the future of digital marketing was set in stone with a plethora of revolutionary types of advertisements, as well as new forms, like stories, spaces, etc.. 

Amati & Associates took notice of this quantum leap in technology and communication modes. Their team offers consulting services regarding marketing strategy revision, adaptability, efficacy, and any inquiries regarding the current and upcoming marketing trends. 

“We believe that we can assist our clients in fueling growth by looking outside their standard perimeter” – quote from Amati & Associates official webpage.

Amati & Associates point out that “innovation is, first and foremost, about failing.” Going straight ahead on a narrow path without stumbling once will not motivate you to change your direction, which can be disastrous if you are heading into a disaster. An innovative approach is required for new players in a highly competitive market to avoid blending into the sea of mediocrity. 

Hot, new trends are hidden in plain sight, although they may be invisible to companies who are too constricted in their own ways. Amati & Associates can help you abandon strategies and approaches that hinder your progress while reforming the way you perceive digital marketing in general.

All members of the A&A Consulting Agency are veterans in management consulting, co-creation, consumer research, media management, and design with at least a decade of professional experience. 

“While competencies and capabilities differ among ourselves, we all believe that an ambidextrous approach delivers outside-in growth opportunities.”

Each member offers a different perspective on any given topic, and final decisions and conclusions are analyzed from all possible perspectives. With a well-rounded approach to problem assessment and directions for future growth, not a minute detail is overlooked and left unchecked. 

Branding and trends go hand in hand with relevancy. The best possible course of action for any company, regardless of size, is to be aware of their fortes and shortcomings while working simultaneously. 

Amati & Associates put customers and consumers at the forefront instead of technology, but the latter is certainly not dismissed or neglected. A vision is a prerequisite of any plan, and knowledge alongside the appropriate skills to utilize it is the prerequisite of transforming an idea into action.

A&A is a digitally-enabled organization, which aims to help its customers future-proof their companies and brands.

Watch their debate on the Future of Technology on YouTube: 

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