From an Ordinary Office Administrative Executive to a World-renowned Artist, Jean Hyper Ng Shares Her Inspiring Journey

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From an Ordinary Office Administrative Executive to a World-renowned Artist, Jean Hyper Ng Shares Her Inspiring Journey

June 15
00:01 2021
Jean’s artwork now adorns the walls across the world, but she had a humble and troubled beginning. Here is her amazing story.

Selangor, Malaysia – The relationship between an artwork and its artist is perhaps one of the most intimate bonds in the world. Every stroke of brush is a reflection of lifetime of experiences. The more deeply one imbibes those experiences, the more vividly it is expressed in their art. Jean Hyper Ng, an artist based in Malaysia, has the ability to weave such magic with colours and paint-brushes that can touch the depths of one’s soul. Each piece of her artwork is a true masterpiece. It can make you think or take you places. One look and you are almost able to transcend reality. In a short span of 9 months, she has garnered several admirers of her artwork throughout the world. However, her journey to becoming an acclaimed artist was not easy.

“As a child, I was very introvert. But I had a flair for colouring and it was my favourite pastime in kindergarten,” recalls Jean. “When I was around 8 years old, I used to see my friends win prizes in drawing contests, and I would envy them simply because I felt I could do it too.” Jean wanted to attend art classes, so she could also participate in those contests and prove her talent.  “Coming from a conservative and traditional Asian background, my parents did not approve of it. I was heartbroken,” says Jean. “It hurt my self-esteem so much that I stopped communicating with my parents and perhaps also closed my mind to my inner voice.”

Jean always had a strong personality. She would never shy away from voicing her opinions. As a teenager, she had the confidence in her ability to think independently and take her own decisions. She was often perceived as a rebellious teenager. Though Jean always knew about her passion for arts and creative work, the lack of support from her family pushed her to take up a different career path. After graduating from University of Abertay Dundee in year 2010 with a Bachelors in Business Administration, she joined a private company. In the subsequent 10 years, she switched 5 jobs, none of which ever excited her.

When the world was hit by Covid-19, and everyone was locked up in their homes, Jean got some time off to think about her life and what she had been doing all those years. She figured that she was spending most of her time doing a job that she didn’t like, while spending very little time on her real passion – painting. She suddenly felt she was going through a midlife crisis. “I began to wonder what life was all about. Am I going to spend the rest of my life doing a job I don’t enjoy just so that I could earn a living, provide financial support to my family and loved ones,” recalls Jean. “What about my dreams? My passion? My happiness? Deep within my heart, I always believed I was born to do Great things. But I didn’t know and couldn’t figure out what.”

Jean was determined to take back control of her life. With some introspection and encouragement from her mentors, she decided to hire a professional psychologist and life coach to guide her in reorganising her life. After several counselling sessions and a course on the human thinking system, she finally managed to sort everything out. “That was a moment of truth. I had complete clarity about what I was seeking in my life. I wanted to be a full-time painter, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, spreading love and kindness to the world,” says Jean. “My life has transformed ever since I started to pursue my passion full-time. The outpouring of love and appreciation my artwork has received is phenomenal and surreal.”

Jean’s message to all young dreamers and artists, “Do not let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. You owe it to yourself to achieve whatever it is you are passionate about. Make it happen for yourself.”

About Jean Hyper Ng

Jean is a founder, creative director and CEO of JHN studio in Malaysia. She is a rising dancing star abstract art painter. She creates abstract art pieces for her clients based on their colour request and personality profiling responses. She also creates customized artwork for clients based on her own imagination, colour choices and concepts. She has several happy clients across the globe. Recently, she sold 22 paintings within just half an hour speech on Clubhouse. She is also a famous motivational speaker, with a mission to help people rediscover themselves, unleash their inner power and live a more fulfilling & purpose-driven life.

To learn more about Jean’s artwork, send an email or reach out to her though Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.

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City: Petaling Jaya
State: Selangor
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