A guide to getting group assignments right in the age of lockdown: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assignments

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A guide to getting group assignments right in the age of lockdown: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assignments

November 03
23:51 2020

Auckland, New Zealand – Group assignments are both ubiquitous in most university classes and almost universally loathed by students. Getting group assignments right under normal circumstances is challenging, but when students are forced to work remotely then having a proven methodology for successful group assignments could make all the difference. The ebook, “How to teach using group assignments: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assessment” is a teacher’s definitive reference guide for group assignments and peer assessment.

The promise of group assignments is to enable students to undertake more demanding academic challenges and to develop critical teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. These are skills that are in high demand with employers today. 

However, the end result often falls short of expectations leaving many students disgruntled. Disgruntled because a few team members did the lion’s share of the work and the social loafers of the group got the same grade. Disgruntled because the teacher never provided the framework and guidance required to develop the soft skills that employers are looking for. 

The ebook, “How to teach using group assignments: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assessment” was written to help teachers design and deploy group assignments that help to remediate these issues. The guide helps eliminate free-riding, calculate fair grades based on contribution, raise group members’ employability competencies, and minimise the risk of dysfunctional teams.

Teachers must have a formal group assignment methodology in place to ensure they are giving their students the best learning opportunity to develop teamwork skills.

This guide is written for:

• Teachers who wish to improve the validity and fairness of the group assignments;

• Teachers who wish to introduce or redesign their group assignments to maximize the many benefits for students;

• Teachers who use contemporary teaching methods such as team-based learning and the flipped classroom who wish to improve their processes of teammate peer assessment and feedback;

• Teaching and learning advisors who wish to understand how to support teachers in their use of group assignments and peer assessment;

• Teaching and learning technologists who wish to understand the factors relevant to the implementation of digital platforms that support teachers’ and students’ adoption of teammate peer assessment;

• Institutional researchers who wish to use the results of teammate peer assessments in their institution to analyse issues such as student success, retention and failure;

• Programme and academic directors concerned with establishing policy for student group work and peer assessment.

Download the free ebook – ebook.peerassesspro.com/ebook

Peer Assess Pro Ltd provides Education as a Service (EaaS) focussed narrowly on improving team performance through better teammate peer assessment and feedback. In addition to its software platform, Peer Assess Pro supports the effective adoption of teammate peer assessment teaching and learning through project design, facilitation, and professional development.

Author Bio:

Dr Peter Mellalieu is chief technologist at Peer Assess Pro, and formerly foundation director of the master of business innovation and entrepreneurship at Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. His passion for combining the creative insights of humans and the arithmetic power of computers was first realized through his applied doctoral thesis supporting strategic planning in a New Zealand agribusiness industry. An eclectic teacher, he has taught postgraduate courses in organization development, managing for sustainability, strategy and general management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and many undergraduate courses including operations management and new venture creation. Comfortable working in academia, industry and high technology, Peter has also worked in the United States, England, Belgium, Botswana.

Web: www.peerassesspro.com

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: +64 21 183 6315

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