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THE SMART MONEY GUIDE: Unlocking the Secret ESCG™ Code by Janet McGinty & Raymond Aaron

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THE SMART MONEY GUIDE: Unlocking the Secret ESCG™ Code by Janet McGinty & Raymond Aaron

August 26
01:37 2020
Actualize your financial goals by learning four essential skills of finance

Janet McGinty is proud to announce the launch of her book titled “The Smart Money Guide” to the public. The talented author introduces the amazing guide book with the sole intent of assisting every reader to overcome the financial crisis they’re facing. Using her vast experience as a speaker, mentor, and vibrant businesswoman, Janet McGinty developed ESCG™ code, a unique guide that simplifies personal finance thereby making it easier for everyone to achieve their financial goals.

Getting the required knowledge to make the right financial decision is always a difficult task as a result of many books on financial literacy but without a framework.  Furthermore, most financial guides lack the basic foundation to build an astute financial knowledge which makes it more difficult for readers to prepare their brain for learning and this is where Janet McGinty is trying to make a big difference by introducing The Smart Money Guide – a book that was written to assist people to understand finance perfectly. The book educates readers on how to arrange their needs according to priorities and also contains some facts that show the readers that life is possible on everyone’s term.

Are you struggling with your finance because of many subtle objectives or you’re having problems with choosing the right guide to plan for your finances? Look no further because The Smart Money Guide is your right choice.

In addition, The Smart Money Guide explains the four skills (earning, how to save money, factors in the creation of wealth, and the nature of giving) necessary to have for managing money while providing you with the framework to work with and to achieve your financial future goals. With this guide, the author can assist you to realize what must be your focus in order to improve your financial future; you will be equipped to make better decisions for making your financial plan. This guide book also stresses the importance of living with what you earn, and making it work for you!

Get a copy of THE SMART MONEY GUIDE, Unlocking the Secret ESCG™ Code, and begin your journey to success.

The Smart Money Guide book can be purchased at or on Amazon:

About The Author

Janet McGinty,   the author of The Smart Money Guide: Unlocking the Secret ESCG™ Code, believes in your success on your journey of learning and transformation. The talented author has presented the facts for you about money, the many ways we abuse it, overuse it, over- budgeted it, or live outside of what we earn. The book begins with the use of words you may or may not understand, and they are widely used, but with a clear purpose and explanation.

Each chapter in the guide book provides the reader with a page or two for private instructions in the form of questions with the sole intent to ensure that readers have a better understanding of the book.  Vital questions like: What is the most important take away for you in creating wealth? Alternatively, Words to look up. The Smart Money Guide will familiarize you with the new words surrounding money. They may seem redundant, but will definitely reinforce your mind and help you understand the material better. 

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